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    Client: Your Car Log
    YourCarLog works on a simple premise - your digital diary is your car log. Every time you create a new appointment in your electronic calendar - either via your desktop computer or your mobile - simply input the destination address. To save time, you can create smart nicknames for frequent starting points or destinations, e.g. 'Home', 'Office' or 'Client'. Finally, export your calendar into our secure server.
    Using an enterprise grade version of Google Maps, our system identifies the address fields in your calendar appointments and measures the distance between your start and end points. Should two or more work appointments bookend a personal engagement, our system can calculate the distance between your last business meeting and the next and discount any mileage associated with the personal portion of the trip.
    With a few clicks, you'll be able to call up a detailed log of all your trips including the date, destinations, the routes taken and any associated notes you attached to the appointment in your calendar. If you're unhappy with any portion of the report - say a proposed route, an unforeseen detour or a cancelled meeting - you can amend any part of any trip at any time within your calendar. Once you're satisfied with every entry, select the type of report you'd like to run, the timeframe you wish to cover and how you'd like to view the final report.

    Key Features:
    A portal to track your vehicle travel from point to point
    Advance integration of google maps including google places
    Automatic suggestion of locations on the basis of text entered
    Automatic calculation of distance between two travel points
    Covers all travel combinations
    Import of appointment data from XLS

    Technology: PHP Code Igniter Framework, MySQL, CSS, AJAX, Jquery, HTML 5, Javascript, Google Places API, Google Maps API, Paypal Payment Gateway