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    Client: Propshelf
    The definitive destination for data for secondary real estate and resale, rental or mortgage. We provide data, analytics as well as market influence advisory so as to enable you to take the best informed decisions regarding your Real Estate decisions! At PropShelf, we have built a unique data driven platform to aggregate players and deal flow in Secondary Real Estate market. We tap into various platforms such as Govt. Property Registration Data as well as Social Media Groups where RE participants are connected and exchange their requirements with each other. We match the 'Availability' and 'Requirements' for retail as well as institutional participants. We also provide actual Government Registry Data to relevant stakeholders including the end customers. We, PropShelf, are the Largest Deal Flow Platform in India backed by Real Data!

    Key Features:
    Get the quoted rates from the market operators
    The actual property registration prices from the Govt.
    The analytics to help you create wealth through Real Estate
    The best market influencers to help you take the informed decisions
    Clean & minimal splash screen
    Search and explore broker groups based on your location
    Chat with trustworthy brokers in groups as well as private chats
    Share requirements, work together and close deals faster

    Download:Search for "Propshelf" in Google app store to download the app.

    Technology: Ionic Hybrid Mobile App Development Framework, PHP Framework, Mysql Database, Rest API, Cron, HTML, Javascript, CSS3