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    Client: Kujika Solutions
    Improving sustainability rely on the use of the appropriate technologies but it is also a matter of behavioural change. As for any significant change management project, SCC is based on a clear understanding of the existing situation, understandable, measurable and achievable improvement target, accurate monitoring of progress, transparent communication and appropriate action to insure entire community ongoing involvement in the project. SCC is a global challenge between Business/Organisations involved to improve their sustainability while lifting team spirit. In this challenge. It is also an internal challenge between defined teams within each participant's Business/Organisation (PBO). SCCApp is a toll to help business, organisation and communities. The SCCApp it the software platform to manage the SCC. SCCApp is a data collection and storage system, a user interface platform to provide project progress to participant and an internal social network platform between Kujika, the PBOs, the teams involved and the individual participants. SCCApp could also provide advertising opportunities for external sponsors.

    Key Features:
    Consolidated dashboard of all available SID
    Dashboard for Energy/Gas, Water, Waste Management and Challenges
    Team summary as per selected sustainability parameter
    Team and company detail as per selected sustainability parameter
    Team and company level objective comparison
    Input screen for declarative 4 Options, Yes or No, Number and Rating
    User comments with options like, share & remove
    Post comments
    Create message for individual
    Set challenges for team and company
    Team, company, sustainability parameter and area reports
    Upload data
    User, team and company management

    Technology: Ionic Hybrid Mobile App Development Framework, PHP Framework, Mysql Database, Rest API, Cron, HTML, Javascript, CSS3