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    Client: ICICI Bank
    Conventional Net Banking Portals using older technology (e.g. HTML based) suffer from numerous limitations such as non realistic website navigation, unorganized clusters of huge information, complexity of sites and non-intuitive navigational flow, non-targeted page refreshes result in slow transaction processing, difficult inter-departmental navigation and others. All these limitations make net banking seem formidable/inconvenient resulting in lesser net banking users. Our product makes the net banking portal correlate to a real world banking experience. The bank's customers will be thrilled by the natural look, feel, and functionality of our product that they can relate to the physical banking experience. Our product resolves all the limitations of older technology portals and increases the ROI potential of the bank's web enabled banking infrastructure giving NEW AGE NET BANKING!

    Key Features:
    Easy to use, highly interactive, very user friendly and close to real navigation
    Increased transaction and page loading speed
    Multiple actions in one page
    Highly Secured Application

    Technology: Flash Action Scripting, Java/J2EE, Struts, AJAX, MSSQL, Websphere, XML, CSS, Jquery, SOAP Webservices