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    Client: ICICI Bank
    One of the ten most visited banking and financial websites in the world, ICICI Bank'swebsite on Oct 7 launched its new website in Hindi version to serve the people on a widerreach. The Hindi version of the website, like its English one, would offer all major detailslike money transfer, bill payment, open fixed deposits and placing requests for differenttypes of services.The largest private sector bank of India, ICICI Bank's CEO said, "Wehave launched the Hindi version of the personal banking pages on our website to offerour customers with the power to use technology for convenient banking."
    (Ref: news.oneindia.in)

    Key Features:
    Easy to understand Hindi
    User-friendly navigation and site structure
    Intelligent cross-linking

    Technology:HTML, Javascript, AJAX, CSS, Jquery, Hindi Translation Services