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    Client: Game4U
    Success story of Flipkart and other leading ecommerce portals have initiated a new era of ecommerce in India. Game4u.com is the first mover in ecommerce for online & offline gaming. Their target customers are avid gamers. We helped them integrate concepts of both deals and ecommerce using an open source platform. Game4u.com supports both normal and deals product sales with feature of associating multiple product parameters with every product. Customer acquisition tools like newsletter and registration are also built in. Flow of buying products is kept simple and as per international standards. A detailed and extensive admin panel makes it much easier for business owners to manage and place their products. On top of that, whole e-commerce portal is integrated with various international websites for content aggregation.

    Key Features:
    Supports all features of ecommerce application
    Cash-on-delivery and payment gateway
    Customized to work for both deals and normal product selling
    Import/export of data possible for integration with various systems
    Integration of social networking features
    Integration with ERP
    Integration with international APIs for content aggregation
    A-cash and Ammo integration
    Enhanced product menu

    Technology:Prestashop, Smarty, MYSQL, Cedemo API, Ztorm API, Steam API, Navision API, SOAP Webservices & Navision Integration, AJAX, CSS, Jquery, Bulk Email API, Skype API, Chat API