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    Client:Delhi Duty Free
    Delhi Duty free aspired to create the very first online loyalty system, where the points accrual and redemption take place real time. First of its kind system which allows you to redeem the points in the very next purchase post meeting eligibility criteria. Wing to wing system which starts its lifecycle from POS to customer interface through internet and mobile phone. It also communicates with customer for combo offers,SMS based redemption user requirements through multiple interface

    Key Features:
    Transaction and SKU Data Integration with POS Application using File System (XML)
                 and HTTM Protocol
    User Tier, SKU and Transaction Based Loyalty Rule Engine
    Rules for First Time Tier Allotment, Tier Upgrade, Tier Downgrade, Points Allotment
                 on the basis of Transaction Amount & SKU and Points Supports Sales,
                 Refund and Redeem Transaction Types
    Points Redemption immediately after Points Allotment
    Supports Redemption from Online Product Catalog, POS and using SMS
    Detailed Dashboard for Customers and Administrators
    SMS and Email Notifications
    Real Time Combo and Discounted Offers on the basis of Customer Trend

    Technology:PHP Zend Framework, AJAX, CSS, Jquery, MYSQL, HTTP Webservices, Desktop App, .Net Framework, C#