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    Outsourced Research Solutions — Market and Competitor Intelligence

    Business & Solution Development Partner - Pronto Infotech
    Research Partner - Aranca

      Make informed decisions, accelerate business performance
     Executives tasked with responsibility for their company’s growth, profits & strategies need insightful, quick and actionable research to support key business decisions. Since 2003, Aranca has worked with several large and mid-sized firms in USA & Europe, helping decision makers answer critical questions around markets, competition, diversification ideas & technology trends.

      Deep knowledge of several sectors … globally
     Be it telecom, technology, packaging in developed markets or alternate energy, chemicals, infrastructure in BRIC nations or oil services, retail, real estate in Middle East or hydro power, mining, metals in South America - Aranca has conducted assignments in over fifty sub-sectors, covering analysis of market & competitor dynamics in 30+ countries. With more than 250 highly qualified professionals and a senior management with extensive consulting experience, we deliver ongoing value to our clients who benefit from the deep cross-functional knowledge of our global team.

      Flexible engagement models, for varying needs …
     We offer different engagement options to suit the varying research needs of managers:

     Virtual Researcher:
    One or more analysts dedicated to supporting your firm’s recurring research needs (tracking markets / competition, strategic initiatives, analytics, etc)

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