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    Client: Channel V
    Client is a youth entertainment channel which wanted to reach youth using an interactive and dynamic dating application on mobile. Purpose of this application was to let users explore social media and dating world on mobile.

    Solution Provided:
    We helped the client by creating an interactive and interesting mobile dating app, which also used native mobile features like camera and phone book etc. Application also used few important social network features like friends and pictures. Mobile application has features like click to shoot picture and post on application, live notifications on application, user experience (user profile, login, date), registration, search date, preferred and recommended date, albums and pictures. It also has social networking features like messages, like, vote, rating, chat, share and favorites. It also has other features like virtual gifts etc.

    Key Features:
    Connect phone book with application and share personal contacts
    Connect camera with application, shoot picture and post on application
    Live notifications
    User experience including pictures, albums, friends and date
    Social networking features like profile, messages, share, vote, rate etc

    Technology: Android