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    Client: Bigflix
    With new digital platforms like Smart TVs being launched, BigFlix was aiming to expand its reach into these new digital media platforms also. We helped to achieve their vision and developed a TV application for LG TV. This application is designed for TV users and supports all remote navigation controls. Advanced features like video navigation in various categories, search, video details and video streaming have been incorporated in the application. All the content displayed on this application is regulated and controlled by BigFlix from their backend servers. Using this application, BigFlix is now able to reach a large segment of target customers, which was only possible through TV advertisements before. And the best part is, this application gives user to navigate, search and perform many other dynamic features.

    Key Features:
    A new way of communicating ideas on the TV platform
    Highly interactive TV application supporting navigation, search and video streaming
    Usage of business logic, TV compatible UI and client server API integration
    Integrated with TV remote navigation
    Future scope of integrating buying through TV

    Technology: Javascript Framework, JSON APIs, AJAX, CSS, Jquery, LG Smart TV APIs