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    Client: - shopping portal
    Problem Statement: Client is a web based comparison cum shopping portal, and wanted to experiment different mediums to reach consumers. Web being an already cluttered medium, client was ready to explore new avenues through which it can enable more user satisfaction by helping users by making its contents more readily available.

    Solution Provided: We helped the client analyze the web analytics, and recognizing that with having a dedicated mobile medium they are getting more than 2000 hits daily via mobile. A couple of them even were doing end to end transactions through mobile medium. Then came the next problem which medium to cater first. Since most of the users coming to website via mobile were smart phone users, smart phone was the definite choice. iPhone penetration is still low in India and with growing reach of Android, we suggested client to move ahead with the dedicated Android application.

    Key Features:
    Easy browsing of products
    Comparison of products
    Dedicated search functionality
    Add to favorites/wish list - which were locally saved for user ease of information remembering.

    Technology: Android