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    Pronto Infotech -- A company which,
    Creates creative solutions for the next generation
    Solves today's problems with the technology of tomorrow
    Solves tomorrow's problems by developing technology today
    Manages Outsourced Knowledge and Business Processes

    Motivation:for creation of Pronto Infotech
    Problems exist in the Business World,
    Piece-meal Solutions exist in the Academic World,
    Comprehensive Technology Solutions do not exist in the Commercial World.

    Mission:Pronto Infotech was formed with a mission to bring comprehensive technology and business process management (BPM) solutions to the commercial world via high-end strategic and technology consulting projects.

    Vision:Pronto Infotech was envisioned as a high-end strategic consulting firm providing technology and BPM solutions to global companies facing:
    Unprecedented problems in the business world, or
    Development bottlenecks in the technology world.

    Culture:A team of experienced cross-functional professionals with a global techno-strategic vision and hands-on experience in the technology and BPM environment have come together to set-up a company that has a unique business strategy